Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination Based on Your Religious Beliefs

Check out this educational legal video by Andrew P. Fleming,  an experienced Hamburg employment lawyer where he explains what you can do if you feel you are a victim of religious discrimination in the workplace.

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Once in a while, I’ll get a call from someone who claims to have been treated differently because of their religion. Fortunately – at least in my experience here in Western New York – this issue hasn’t come up very often. I do get a few calls – I don’t think they amount to more than six or eight, calls a year – about religious discrimination. The calls I’ve received as of late have been from Muslim-Americans who call to say, “It seems like, in the workplace, I’m not getting a fair shake.” Historically, I’ve also received a number of calls from people I’ll call devout Christians or strict Catholics who say, “People are picking on me because of my religion.”

Religious harassment is treated similarly to sexual or racial harassment. If somebody is being mocked or otherwise mistreated in the workplace because of their religion, they have a potential claim. I don’t see many claims, nor have I had many experiences with people losing their jobs over their religion, but it’s not unheard of. The key in these cases is that a person can’t be treated differently because of their religion, and they must not be harassed because of their religion. If that occurs, the same principles and the same case law decisions apply as would be applicable in a racial discrimination claim.

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