Prescription Drug DWI

Can I Be Arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs?

Check out the following educational legal video by Tiffany M. Kopacz, an experienced Hamburg DWI lawyer about prescription drug DWI arrests.

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The influence of drugs on drivers is another familiar question. Drivers suffering from back injuries or possessing medical prescriptions can in fact be convicted of driving offenses, particularly if those drugs impair their ability to operate a motor vehicle as reasonably prudent people. Even consumption of a prescription drug, if it does impair one’s ability to drive, can result in the prosecution of a crime against that person.

If you are pulled over, you have a prescription, and an officer thinks that your ability to operate your vehicle is impaired, it is important that you be able to provide information to the officer about your prescription. Know that the officers do have specific training in drug recognition and are authorized to give you a ticket if they believe that your ability to drive the motor vehicle has been impaired by any drugs. So long as you are taking your medication as directed, you can perhaps avoid a more serious criminal conviction.

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