Plea Bargaining a DWI

Is it Possible to Plea Bargain a DWI in New York?

Check out the following educational legal video by Daniel J. Chiacchia, an experienced Hamburg DWI Attorney on plea bargaining a DWI and whether it is the best choice for you.

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People always ask, “Okay, if I’m charged with a DWI, is there any way we can plea bargain this thing?” Sometimes there is because different District Attorneys’ offices have different policies. Some say, “If your blood alcohol content is higher than 0.13, we’re not going to offer you a plea bargain.” Also, in the case of an accident or other aggravating circumstance – such as your taking a swing at a police officer or being grossly uncooperative – they may not offer you a plea bargain.

If your blood alcohol content is less than the required level, and absent any aggravating circumstances, you could get your charge plea bargained down to something like driving while ability impaired. Pleas are sometimes offered on aggravated DWIs, such as one in which your blood alcohol content is 0.18 or above. They may offer to allow you to plead to a lesser, regular DWI. Again, that decision is based on your case’s specific facts and circumstances, such as whether there was an accident, how high your test results are, and things of that nature.

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