New York DWI Penalties

What are the Penalties for a DWI Arrest?

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Check out the following educational legal video about the DWI penalties you could face in New York by Daniel J. Chiacchia, one of our experienced DWI Lawyers Near West Seneca.

Today’s DWI penalties are really very severe. If your first one is reduced to a driving while ability impaired, you’re looking at a minimum fine of $300 that could rise to a maximum of $500, and there’s a $260 surcharge on top of that. You’ll also face a 90-day loss of your license and be required to attend a Drinking and Driving program at a cost of about $225 – plus $75 for a conditional license. Then, at the end, you have to pay a $50 license suspension termination fee. After that, the DMV will surcharge you $250 per year for three years. If you’re required to go to counseling on top of the Drinking and Driving Program – which may be referred to as the Impaired Driving Program – you’ll have to pay for that. It can be very, very expensive.

License-wise, your license will be suspended for 90 days. For your first offense, you can get what’s called a conditional license which gives you permission to drive to and from work and do necessary medical things. You are also permitted three hours on weekends to run errands. Beyond that, you’re restricted, and if you get caught driving outside of your restrictions, you face additional charges.

If you’re convicted of a misdemeanor DWI – whether yours is an aggravated DWI or a regular misdemeanor DWI – the penalties can vary. A regular DWI will result in a $500 to $1,000 fine and a $400 surcharge. For an aggravated DWI, it’s a $1,000 to $2,500 fine with a $400 surcharge. In each instance, you’ll face up to three years of probation or up to a year in jail. Additionally, both instances will require you to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. Then, every time you want to operate your vehicle, you’ll have to blow into it to prove you have not consumed alcohol.

License revocations are a little different. That will be six months for a regular DWI or one year on the aggravated DWI. Again, you can get a restricted, conditional license after you’re convicted and that conditional license would flow throughout the entire revocation period, as long as you complete the Impaired Driving Program and follow any other terms and conditions the court deems appropriate for your sentencing.

If you’re arrested for DWI, you will be facing several penalties for the charge. It’s important to retain one of our experienced DWI Lawyers Near West Seneca as soon as possible to help protect your freedom and minimize your consequences. Contact Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP to schedule a free confidential consultation today.

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