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At Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP our primary function is to protect the rights of our clients and help resolve your legal matters in the most efficient manner possible. Our attorneys have taken the time to address your most frequently asked legal questions in the following series of educational legal videos. Contact our dedicated Buffalo attorneys at (716) 648-3030 to schedule a free confidential consultation. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Have a specific legal question? Click here to ask a lawyer.

Personal Injury

What Damages Can I Recover?

Time to File a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Case Time Frame

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Telling Your Doctor About Your Accident

Injury Claim Medical Bill Minimum

Understanding the Discovery Phase

Discontinuing Injury Medical Treatment

How Much is My Injury Case Worth?

Recovering Damages if You are Partially at Fault

Recovering for Emotional Damages

Taking the First Settlement Offer

Do Personal Injury Cases Settle Before Court?

Personal Injury in the Workplace

Recreational Vehicle Injuries

Assaulted at a Business

Is the School Responsible if a Child is Injured?

Unpaid Medical Bills


Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Truck Accident Claims

Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

Steps After A Truck Accident

Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Liability

Truck Accident Case Value

Will My Truck Accident Case Go To Trial?

Truck Accident Statute of Limitations

Wrongful Death Truck Accident


Tripping Hazard Injuries

Slip and Fall Injury on a Faulty Step

Slip and Fall on a Residential Property

Notifying the Property Owner After a Slip and Fall Injury

Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Cases

Injured While Trespassing on Private Property

How Warning Signs Impact Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and Fall Injury on Property Owned By a Municipality

Faulty Handrail Injury Cases

Slip and Fall Statue of Limitations

Slip and Fall Settlement Timeline


Determining a Good Dog Bite Case

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog Bite Claims

Questions You Should Ask the Owner of a Dog that Bit You

Dog Bite Insurance Coverage

Dog Bites and Uninsured Owners

The Responsible Party of a Dog Bite Case

Beware of Dog Sign Liability


Age Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

I Feel Like I’m Being Discriminated at Work

Employer Treats You Differently Than Others

Recoverable Damages in a Discrimination Claim

Americans with Disabilities Act

Small Business Anti-Discrimination Laws

Handling Discrimination and Harassment Complaints


Serious Car Accident Injuries

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

Steps in Car Accident Case

Dealing with Insurance Companies

No-Fault Benefits

Who Fixes Your Car After an Auto Accident?

Car Accident Medical Bills

Independent Medical Examinations

Settling an Injury Case without Consulting an Attorney

Investigating the Scene of the Accident

Supplemental Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Injured While Driving at Work

Car Accident Claim Value

Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident

Is a Bar Liable for a Drunk Driving Accident?

Car Accident Settlement Timeline


Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

What are the Differences Between a Motorcycle Injury Case and a Car Injury Case?

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases

Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation

Having Proper Insurance Coverage for a Motorcycle Injury Claim

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim if You Weren’t Wearing a Helmet

Motorcycle Passenger Injury Claims

Partial Fault Motorcycle Crash

Run Off the Road Motorcycle Accident

Hazardous Road Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Compensation


Personal Injury on a Boat

Watercraft Accident Injuries

Boating Accident Claim

Boat Accident Liability

Kayaking Injury

Recoverable Damages in a Boating Accident

Boat Accident Settlement Timeline


Employment Statute of Limitations

Fired Over Social Media

Being Disciplined for Misconduct

Violating a Noncompete Clause

Severance Agreements

Wrongful Termination

Filing a Complaint Against an Employer

Hostile Working Environments

Unlawful Retaliation in the Workplace

Employer Job References

Terminating an Employee without Severance

Responding to an EEOC Complaint

Handling Complaints from the EEOC


NY Scaffold Law

Best Time to Hire a Lawyer

Staying Safe on a Job Site

Notifying Your Employer About Injury

Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

Who Pays Your Medical Bills?

Afraid of Being Fired for Filing an Injury Claim

Who is Responsible for My Injury?

Can You Sue Your Employer for Negligence?

Claims Where They Blame You for Your Injury

Rights if Working as a Subcontractor

Worker’s Comp & Third Party Claims

What is a Third Party Claim?


What Constitutes Probable Cause?

Do You Need a Lawyer for a DWI?

Steps to Take if You are Pulled Over for DWI

How Long Does a DWI Stay on Your Record?

The Police Never Read Your Miranda Rights

New York DWI Penalties

Will You Lose Your License from a DWI?

Will You Go to Jail if Convicted of a DWI?

Penalties for a Third DWI in New York

Can You Refuse a DWI Breathalyzer?

Can You Refuse a Field Sobriety Test

How Many Points Go on Your License from a DWI?

Receiving a DWI in a Non-Moving Vehicle

Receiving a DWI While Driving a Boat

Conditional Licenses

Hardship Licenses

Plea Bargaining a DWI in New York

How Does an Out of State DWI Affect a New York Driver?

DWI Under Leandra’s Law

Can I Be Arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs?

Drug Recognition Experts

Can You Go to Canada with a DWI

DWI Commercial Driver’s License Suspensions


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Supervisor is Engaging in Inappropriate Conduct

Unwanted Sexual Advances at Work

Filing Harassment Charges by the Handbook

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