Hardship License

Helping Clients Obtain a Hardship License

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Check out the following educational legal video about how we can help you obtain a hardship license by Lisa A. Poch, one of our experienced Hamburg, NY DWI Attorney.

Many times, clients who have been arrested for DWI want to know whether they will be able to drive to and from work, school, or doctor’s appointments while their matter is pending. The answer is, ”Yes, but only if we’re able to secure a hardship license for you at your arraignment. If the officer can provide the court with certified copies of records indicating that you took the breath test, the court must suspend your license and you cannot drive without a hardship license. Although you would probably be eligible for a pre-conviction conditional license, that will not take effect for 30 days after your arraignment, so it’s very important, if you’re arrested for a DWI, to reach out to an attorney right away. They will gather the appropriate paperwork and make sure they’re in the best possible position to submit your application for a hardship privilege at your first appearance.

If you’ve been arrested for DWI and still need the ability to drive, It’s important to retain one of our experienced DWI Attorneys in West Seneca as soon as possible to help protect your freedom and minimize your consequences. Contact Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP to schedule a free confidential consultation today.

Download Our Free DWI Guide

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