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Below are some common legal questions our West Seneca lawyers hear from clients:

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Recreational Vehicle Accidents?

As the weather gets nicer, more people are out and about in our communities – many of them utilizing recreational vehicles, ATVs, off-road vehicles, and things of that nature. I was recently approached by someone who had, unfortunately, been seriously injured as a passenger on someone’s recreational vehicle. They wanted to know whether they could bring a claim against their friend for the medical expenses brought on by their injuries, and the answer to that is question is yes.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A DWI Charge in West Seneca?

Sometimes people ask, “If I get a DWI, do I even need a lawyer?” The answer to that question is, “Absolutely, yes.” You’ve been charged with a crime. It is not a parking ticket, and it is not a moving violation – in the sense of a failure to stop at a stop sign or yield the right of way. You are charged with a crime, and jail is on the table. Serious criminal and collateral consequences are in play, and they can affect your liberty and any professional licenses you may hold. Your ability to travel to and from Canada may be compromised, and your ability to drive during the pendency of the entire proceeding may be restricted. You absolutely want to retain counsel for your DWI charge.

What Should I Do If I Feel My Employer Is Treating Me Differently Than Other Employees?

I frequently get phone calls from people who feel as if they’re being treated differently from others at their workplaces. They may have been written up for doing something while someone else who did that same thing was not. They may have complained about being treated differently and been written up for doing so. They may not like the way their management is treating them as compared to the treatment their co-workers receive. The bottom line is that, in a lot of cases, it is totally lawful – though perhaps unfair and not dignified –for your employer to treat you and another co-worker entirely differently for no good reason. That’s just the way it is, and I have to say that to clients all the time.

On the other hand, it is not lawful for an employer to treat you and another employee differently because of your membership in what’s called a protected class, such as your gender, race, religion, whether you suffer from a disability, age, or national origin. In New York State, we also have extra levels of protection for familial status – whether you’re married or not – and sexual orientation. It’s totally lawful for your employer to treat you and a co-worker differently if it’s just because they like your co-worker better than you, but it’s not lawful for them to treat you differently because of your membership in a protected class. It’s important to get an attorney involved if you feel that’s happening.