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Below are some common legal questions our Hamburg Lawyers hear from clients:

How Do You Determine If You Have A Good Dog Bite Case?

A viable dog bite case is one in which it is possible to prove that the dog has demonstrated at least some vicious propensities. It’s even more helpful if the dog also looks vicious. That visual image tends to help the bite victim’s case. I believe it has much more jury appeal when, instead of a little toy poodle that rips into someone’s face, the dog involved is a Rottweiler or a pit bull.

When it comes to setting up the liability for your case, it’s important to be able to show that you, as the client, did nothing wrong that could have caused that dog to act the way it did. In other words, you were just minding your own business, or you just reached down to pet the dog, and the dog attacked you. Showing those two things – the dog’s propensity for viciousness and that you didn’t do anything wrong – are a couple of important factors that we look for when going forward with a dog bite case.

What Happens If You’re Arrested For DWI Under Leandra’s Law?

As a parent – or an aunt or uncle – if you are at a party where you see people drinking, and you know they’re going to get into their vehicles and drive their children home, you should be extra vigilant and be aware of a law called Leandra’s Law. New York State passed Leandra’s Law back in 2009 in response to the death of a little 11-year-old girl who was killed in a drunk driving accident. It’s a child protection law designed to protect child passengers, and it says, in essence, “If you get caught drinking and driving – with a blood-alcohol content in excess of 0.08% – and any occupant in your vehicle is aged 15 years or younger, you will automatically be charged with a felony.

The true purpose of Leandra’s Law is to impose more severe penalties on people who feel comfortable driving a car with young children as passengers after drinking alcohol that exceeds the legal limit. You really need to protect children. If you know someone at a party is planning to get into their vehicle and drive their children home after you’ve seen them drinking – or if you, as a parent, think, “I’m going to get into that car and drive my family home after a party,” you need to be aware that doing so might result in automatic felony charges – not to mention the danger to which you’re subjecting yourself, other drivers, and your children.

Can You Get Fired For Things You Post On Social Media?

In this day and age, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some sort of social media account – be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Occasionally, friends, potential clients, or other people I meet will ask me, “Can my boss look at what’s on my social media? Can they fire me for something I post on there?” For the most part, and especially if you are a private sector employee, you can absolutely be fired for anything that’s on your social media account.

Whether you express your support for a politician your boss or supervisor doesn’t like, post a picture they consider offensive, or make a comment they think is inappropriate, they absolutely can fire you. For that reason, you should be very careful who you allow to see your social media profile. Even more importantly, think carefully before putting anything up on your profile that might anger someone with whom you work or for whom you work because they absolutely can fire you and, in that situation, you would have no recourse, other than unemployment.