DWI Jail Time

Will You Go to Jail if You’re Convicted of a DWI?

Check out the following educational legal video by Tiffany M. Kopacz, an experienced Hamburg DWI Lawyer about DWI jail time and whether you could be sentenced for driving under the influence in New York.

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Unfortunately, those who have received a driving while intoxicated charge can go to jail, and this is one of the penalties that the court may administer if there is a conviction. When facing potential jail time, a driver charged with a DWI needs to demonstrate that he or she is a productive member of society. The court must see that the event was an unfortunate break in judgment, and the judge can be convinced by your testimony to forego jail time. If a driver were to assert that he or she needed to maintain employment, continue to attend school, or care for family, a court would be less inclined to implement jail time as a penalty. A DWI is a serious offense, and police officers and courts alike in New York State are struggling to reduce alcohol offenses. There are people who choose to drink and drive without considering the harsher penalties. Jail time is always a possible consequence, and drivers need to remember this before taking their first sips.

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