Construction Accidents & Injuries

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Construction accidents are workplace accidents that occur on construction sites. These types of accidents can be varied and include falls, trench collapses, exposure to toxic chemicals, overexertion, and injury due to defective equipment. Despite on-site safety measures, construction accidents are a common occurrence, and thousands of workers are killed or injured every year in the United States.

Construction Accident LawyerIs your workplace safe? Many construction sites are not as safe as they could be. The reality is that many construction accidents can be prevented if the employer implements smart and enforceable safety practices on the construction site. Make sure that your employer honors all regulations for your state, and workers should be properly trained in the operation of machinery and safety regulations. The site should also be properly managed according to legal standards.

When You’re Hurt on the Job, Be Sure to Seek An Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer

There are significant accident risks at many construction sites, and it is often the responsibility of the employer to take action to keep that risk as low as possible.

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