Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues Hamburg Defense Lawyer

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues If you are experiencing workplace sexual harassment issues, you may be feeling unsafe and threatened. It can make your work environment unmanageable and leave you wondering what you can do so solve this. Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues: What Constitutes as Sexual Harassment Under current laws, co-worker sexual harassment is treated differently […]

School Injury

School Injury Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers

School Injury If your child comes home from school with an injury, you may be wondering if the school is liable for the injury? Here is what you need to know about school injury. School Injury: Liability A similar concern from many of my clients relates to the responsible party if their children are injured […]

Discontinue Medical Treatment

Discontinue Medical Treatment Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers

Discontinue Medical Treatment If you have sustained an injury and are looking to file a personal injury claim, medical treatment can be a very important factor in your case. Choosing to discontinue medical treatment can have a negative impact on your claim. How Choosing to Discontinue Medical Treatment Can Devalue Your Injury Claim Sometimes, clients […]

Job Site Injury

Job Site Injury Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers

Job Site Injury Getting hurt at work can be frustrating. If you have sustained a job site injury, you may be wondering about workplace compensation. Here is some information about what you should do if you want to be eligible to file a claim for compensation. Telling Employer About Job Site Injury The law requires […]

Religious Discrimination

Religious Discrimination Hamburg Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Religious Discrimination In today’s political climate, religion has become a source of tension. Practicing a different belief can lead to religious discrimination in your daily life. If you have been experiencing religious discrimination at work, you may have a discrimination case. Here is what you need to know. Discriminated Against at Work New York State […]

Ableism Discrimination at Work

Ableism Discrimination at Work Experienced Hamburg Lawyers

Ableism Discrimination at Work No one should have to feel unsafe while at work. If this discomfort stems from you being treated differently because of a disability, (these disabilities can include a number of things) that can leave you feeling completely helpless. Ableism discrimination at work is unacceptable and New York state protects you in […]

Motorcycle Accident vs Auto Accident Cases

Motorcycle Accident vs Auto Accident Cases Chiacchia and Fleming

Motorcycle Accident vs Auto Accident Cases A motorcycle accident can be devastating. You don’t have the metal shell of a car to protect you during impact. In addition to your motorcycle being damaged, you may have serious physical injury that is affecting your daily life. Motorcycle personal injury cases are not handled in the same […]

Injured While Driving a Work Vehicle

Injured While Driving a Work Vehicle Hamburg Injury Lawyers

Injured While Driving a Work Vehicle If you have been injured while driving a work vehicle, you may be feeling very angry. You may be considering worker’s compensation, but may be wondering if that is all you can do? There is a possibility that you can file a personal injury claim. Here is what you […]

Length of Personal Injury Cases

Length of Personal Injury Cases Chiacchia Fleming

Length of Personal Injury Cases If you have filed a claim for personal injury, you may be feeling anxious about the length of the process. Quite often, clients come in and ask, “How long is this going to take?” Until we know more about their specific cases, that is a very tough question to answer. […]