Traveling to Canada with a DWI on Your Record

Traveling to Canada with a DWI Hamburg DWI Lawyer Attorney

Traveling to Canada with a DWI on Your Record If you have been charged with a DWI and reside near the Canadian border, you may be wondering if you are now going to experience issues while traveling to Canada. This is distinctly possible. Canada takes DWIs very seriously. Traveling to Canada with a DWI on […]

Unexpected Personal Injury Liabilities

Unexpected Personal Injury Liabilities Hamburg Injury Lawyer Attorney

When someone gets injured, the party at-fault is not always who you expect it to be. You may be at-fault in ways you did not anticipate. Here are some unexpected personal injury liabilities that you should be aware of. Unexpected Personal Injury Liabilities | Trespasser Injured on Your Property Trespassing cases can be interesting because […]

Injury Liability for Bars

Injury Liability for Bars Hamburg Injury Lawyers Injury Attorneys

Getting hurt in an accident can be very angering, especially if the car that hit you was driven by someone who was under the influence. Here is what you should know about injury liability in these circumstances. Unfortunately, people are sometimes injured by drunk drivers, and we’ve had a bunch of those cases. Many times, […]

Severance Agreement

Severance Agreement | Hamburg Labor and Employment Lawyers

The idea of getting fired can be scary and stressful but having a severance agreement in place can take away some of these negative feelings. Severance Agreement: Consult an Attorney One fairly prevalent topic in our practice over the last 8 or 10 to 12 years involves reviewing employees’ severance agreements. Many employers – and […]

Filing a Third-Party Claim

Filing a Third-Party Claim Hamburg Personal Injury Lawyers Attorneys

Filing a Third-Party Claim If you have been injured at work, you may bee feeling angry. If it has left you unable to work, you may be worried about how you are going to provide. You may want to file a third-party claim. A first-party claim is your claim against your employer for workers’ compensation […]

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues Hamburg Defense Lawyer

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues If you are experiencing workplace sexual harassment issues, you may be feeling unsafe and threatened. It can make your work environment unmanageable and leave you wondering what you can do so solve this. Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues: What Constitutes as Sexual Harassment Under current laws, co-worker sexual harassment is treated differently […]

School Injury

School Injury Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers

School Injury If your child comes home from school with an injury, you may be wondering if the school is liable for the injury? Here is what you need to know about school injury. School Injury: Liability A similar concern from many of my clients relates to the responsible party if their children are injured […]

Discontinue Medical Treatment

Discontinue Medical Treatment Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers

Discontinue Medical Treatment If you have sustained an injury and are looking to file a personal injury claim, medical treatment can be a very important factor in your case. Choosing to discontinue medical treatment can have a negative impact on your claim. How Choosing to Discontinue Medical Treatment Can Devalue Your Injury Claim Sometimes, clients […]

Job Site Injury

Job Site Injury Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers

Job Site Injury Getting hurt at work can be frustrating. If you have sustained a job site injury, you may be wondering about workplace compensation. Here is some information about what you should do if you want to be eligible to file a claim for compensation. Telling Employer About Job Site Injury The law requires […]