Boating Under The Influence

Can You Receive a DWI for Boating Under The Influence?

Check out the following educational legal video by Daniel J. Chiacchia, an experienced Hamburg DWI lawyer about boating under the influence and whether or not you can be charged with a DWI.

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Boating while intoxicated has been somewhat more prevalent of late, resulting in a lot more law enforcement presence on lakes and the rivers. That’s all to the good because boats are like motorcycles in that, when an accident occurs, it’s usually not good for the people in boats when it comes to injuries. It’s important to be aware that you definitely can get a DWI while driving a boat and some of the same penalties that apply to driving an automobile also apply to boaters. You can end up in jail and may face sanctions against your regular driver’s license. Yes, you can be charged with boating while intoxicated and, again, it’s much more prevalent now than it was 10 or 15 years ago.

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