Products Liability

Have You Suffered Personal Injury Due to Product Liability?

The sellers and manufacturers of products have a duty to make efforts to see that their products are safe for the use which they were intended. If a product with a design defect or a manufacturing defect causes injury to a person, the injured person may raise a product liability claim. The list of products for which product liability claims can be successful is as endless as the list of products which are placed into the stream of commerce. The list includes automobiles, toys, medicines, lawn mowers, food products, and more.

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If you have been injured as the result of a defective product, please contact us now. If you have recently been injured and still have the product, do not discard the product. Please make every effort to keep the product in the current condition, taking pictures if necessary (perishable items). Alteration of the product may have a negative impact on your legal claim.
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