Education Law

Education Lawyers for Students, Teachers and Professors

In today's world, education is of the utmost importance. Without the proper education, it is nearly impossible to succeed.

At Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP, we strive to ensure that your child is receiving the education that he or she deserves. Whether it be fighting to obtain an individualized education plan for your child or making sure your child is free from unwarranted harassment and punishment, our firm is prepared.

 Chiacchia & Fleming - Sexual Harassment Attorney Buffalo, NY

We place great stock in the local education system

Our education practice does not stop there. Many law firms represent the wealthy school districts. Few represent the teachers. Our law firm is ready to fight for a teacher's rights inside and outside of the classroom, including matters involving professional discipline (Section 3020a Hearings), sexual harassment claims and wrongful termination. The classroom should be a place where students and teachers can concentrate solely on learning. Our firm strives to make it that way.
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